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The Single Plan for Student Achievement

The purpose of the SPSA is to coordinate all educational services at the school. The SPSA will address how funds provided to the school through the Consolidated Application will be used to improve the academic performance of all pupils to the level of the performance goals, as established by the API. The SPSA must integrate the purposes and requirements of all state and federal categorical programs in which the school participates.

The SPSA serves as the organizer for an individual school’s improvement process. The plan is developed with a deeper understanding of root causes of student academic challenges and identifies and implements research-based instructional strategies to raise the achievement of students who are not yet proficient at state standards. It is critical that each school’s SPSA:

  • Builds on a premise that students are capable of learning with effective instruction
  • Includes school goals aligned with activities and goals included in the LEA Plan to maximize school reform efforts
  • Is based on verifiable data analysis
  • Focuses on student achievement and academic interventions
  • Implements high leverage school improvement actions
  • Directs resources where they will most directly improve student academic achievement
  • Ensures that all resources are aligned to serve identified students’ needs
  • Uses research based strategies
  • Implements strategic coordination of resources

To set school goals, the School Site Council carefully reviews district priorities as stated in the LEA Plan, assess both state and local quantitative and qualitative student achievement data to evaluate instructional program effectiveness, and come to consensus about solutions.