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Access Cards Programing

Logging In and Launching Genetec Config Tool

  • Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
remote desktop icon
  • Search for the remote computer you wish to connect to, either CCTV-01 or CCTV-02.
  • You will log into the remote computer just as if you were logging into your local machine using the same username and password.
Remote Desktop interface
  • Once you logged in, launch the Genetec Config Tool from the Windows Start Menu.
    • It may be inside the Genetec Security Center folder.
Windows Start Menu
  • Log into Genetec. Make sure the "Use Windows Credentials" button is selected. This will auto fill in the same credentials you used to log on to the computer.
  • Press the Log On button
genetec logon window

Launching Access Control Tool

  • On the Config Tool page Tasks Tab hover over the Access Control Icon.
  • It will drop down a menu
Access Control Icon
  • In the Access Control Menu, Select "Cardholders and credentials"
Access Control Menu

Creating a Cardholder

  • In the Cardholder and credentials screen, find the correct location for the new cardholder in the menu on the left.
  • In this example, the user would be from PHS.
Cardholder Groups
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the "Add an entity" button
  • When the menu appears, select Cardholder
Add entity menu
  • On the Cardholder Information window, enter the Cardholder's First and Last names
  • Press Next
Cardholder information
  • On the Basic Information screen, confirm the Cardholder's name is spelled correctly. 
  • You can enter a description, but PUHSD has not used that field yet.
  • Press Next
Basic Information
  • In the Credential Creation window, verify the "Create the credential for this cardholder now..." option is selected
  • Press Next
credential creation

Credential Creation

  • In the Credential creation mode screen, verify the "Create a credential manually..." option is selected
  • Press Next
credential creation mode
  • Verify the unique card number on the physical access control card
  • In this example, the card number is 200
access card
  • In the new Basic Information window enter the entity name of the card
  • In this case we will use Card# 200's credential
    • It is easier for credential management later to name the credential for the physical card rather than the user. i.e. Credentials can be transferred between users to recycle a card or deactivated if a card is lost
  • Press Next
basic information
  • In the Manual creation window, verify the "Card" option is selected
  • Verify the Facility code is set to 101. This must be correct or the access card will not work
  • Enter the card number on the physical card in the Card number field
  • Press Next
credential manual creation
  • Verify the information on the Creation summary window
  • Press Create
creation summary
  • If everything is correct, there will be green checkmark on the Entity creation outcome window
  • The Access Control card is now ready to be distributed to the end user
Entity creation outcome