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2024-2025 School of Choice Information

Parents / Guardians, PUHSD extends our sincerest apologies for the delay in notification transfers. We are working tirelessly to balance our schools and promote a healthy educational environment for all students. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this process. We are committed to resolving these matters as soon as possible. Once it has been resolved, then you will be notified via email the status of your transfer. Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education.

Perris Union High School District's School of Choice (SOC) program offers parents the opportunity to apply for a Perris Union High School District school that they would like their child to attend.

Window to Apply

The SOC window to apply will open on January 8, 2024, and will close on February 29, 2024.

School Availability List

List of open, open-limited, and closed schools for School of Choice for the 2024-2025 school year. Openings are estimated based on the initial number of seats available for the fall based on projected enrollment and facility capacity.

High Schools
Liberty High School Closed
Perris High School Open
Paloma Valley High School Closed
Heritage High School Open


OPEN – Space available in each grade level. High chance of acceptance.

OPEN – LIMITED – Limited space available. School could close if grade level or total school reaches capacity.

CLOSED – School is near, at, or above capacity. Low chance of acceptance.

OTHER PROGRAMS - Please apply for these programs directly through the program.

Priority Codes for School of Choice Placement

SIB - There is a sibling already attending the school applying for and will remain there for next school year. (You will need to provide the
sibling's name, student ID, and grade).
CONT – Continuously enrolled at the current site in grades 7-12. This code does not apply when a student is matriculating to the next level (elementary to middle or middle to high school).

District students residing in any Board approved school attendance area shall first be provided the option of attending their school of residence. After all school of residence students have been placed, the requests for School of Choice (made during this open window) placements will be honored according to the following priority criteria on a first come first serve basis until all openings at a given school are filled or all requests have been met, whichever occurs first. The District shall time stamp all transfers as they come into the Office of Student Services to ensure the integrity of the process. All applications are reviewed after the window closes.

If You Are Approved

The approved School of Choice is now considered your school of record.

You are giving up your child’s space at his/her school of residence. To request a return to the school of residence, you must re-apply for School of Choice the following school year during the online application period. Acceptance back into the home school is not guaranteed.

Secondary School Electives

For secondary students choosing their courses/electives for the next school year, please select your courses with your school of residence. If approved to the requested school, those selections will be automatically sent to the approved school. The approved school will do its best to accommodate the requests after all in-boundary students are placed.


Transportation to any school other than the home school is the responsibility of the parents. Students approved for School of Choice are not eligible for District bussing.