Did you know that you can continue your medical, dental, and/or vision benefits through the district? If you retire with the district after being employed for at least 5 years, you and your dependent(s) can continue on the district health, dental, and/or vision plans. Your benefit coverage is the same as if you were an active employee, plus when you are Medicare eligible (65 years old) you can keep your medical coverage as a supplemental plan. The district will send you an annual invoice in July and you would pay the district directly for your benefit premiums.

REMEMBER you have 30 days from the date your coverage ends as an active employee to elect the retiree coverage. If you do not elect the coverage you CANNOT enroll in the coverage at a later date and once you drop the coverage you CANNOT re-enroll. During open enrollment you have the ability to make plan changes and add/remove dependents to your current benefits.




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