Wi-Fi Info

PUHSD has been reaching out to local Internet service providers to determine where they stand on the elements of a recent FCC pledge on broadband and wifi. This pledge states that for the next 60 days Internet service providers will not terminate service due to inability to pay bills, will waive any late fees, and pledges to provide free broadband and Wi-Fi For 60 Days to homes with K-12 and college students.


Hello families

Charter/Spectrum is offering free access to broadband and wifi for 60 Days for K-12 and college students. Contact their residential team at 1-844-488-8395. More info can be found at the link below. 


Please read and understand their terms and conditions for the 60 day offer. Any reference to organizations, products, or services do not constitute or imply an endorsement.

California LifeLine

The California LifeLine program provides discounts on home phone and cell phone services to qualified households. Please go to this link for more information on the California LifeLine program. Also California has temporarily suspended the requirements for families to renew their application on the California LifeLine. If you are already using the California LifeLine continue your program benefits will not be interrupted.

Chromebook Distribution


PUHSD Chromebook help will be available Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM except for the week of Spring Break (April 6 - April 10)

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