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Educational Equity

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Causandra McNair
Dr. Casaundra McNair

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
951.943.6369 ext. 82240

Helen Stimach
951.943.6369 ext. 82241

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By measuring staff, student and parent perceptions, the Panorama Survey gathers feedback from stakeholders about their school experiences. Decades of research have shown that stakeholder voice strongly correlates with learning outcomes and can be an important improvement tool for school systems.

The comprehensive survey covers key topics: from pedagogical effectiveness and school climate, to student engagement and growth mindset. PUHSD will use this tool and its results to assess the effectiveness of our interventions at sites as well as it as assessing our educational equity environment as a whole.

The Panorama Spring Survey 2024 is completely anonymous. The window to complete the survey is between 4/17/24 and 5/1/24. Please choose the correct link for your classification and the survey will lead you to choose the site you are most affiliated with.

All the surveys contain multiple choices and write in responses.

The student survey has 36 questions..

The teacher survey has 40 questions

The staff survey has 36 questions

The parent /guardian survey has 24 questions.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email : and/or



Parents & Guardians

PUHSD Mission Statement

The mission of Perris Union High School District is to create high quality relevant learning opportunities for all in a safe and caring environment. We will develop a high quality, caring staff who will be dedicated to learning, and connect students to their education and potential goals. We will care for all students while developing a growth mindset through collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

Vision Statement

Perris Union High School District will be a caring, diverse, and supportive learning environment in which all are committed towards working in relationships to foster innovative and creative learning opportunities.


  • Goal #1 - All students will attain proficiency in all academic content areas
  • Goal #2 - All students will graduate from high school prepared for post-secondary and career options.
  • Goal #3 - All departments, sites will provide a safe and positive environment for all students and staff.
  • Goal #4 - Secure and strengthen home-school-community connections and communications.

How does Educational Equity help us achieve our mission and goals?

Educational equity is established on the principles of fairness and inclusion. Fairness suggests that the individual characteristics or social conditions of a student should never interfere with a student’s educational potential. Inclusion establishes the basic standard of “education for all.” (OECD Policy Brief, 2008). At PUHSD we strive to ensure that we fulfill each aspect of Educational Equity to enable access to all classes, programs and activities for all students, thus providing them the opportunity for true academic success.

We encourage you to explore each component of Educational Equity listed on the menu to the right. Thank you!