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Building of the District Office

Mission Statement

The mission of Perris Union High School District is to create high quality relevant learning opportunities for all in a safe and caring environment. We will develop a high quality, caring staff who will be dedicated to learning, and connect students to their education and potential goals. We will care for all students while developing a growth mindset through collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking.

Vision Statement

Perris Union High School District will be a caring, diverse, and supportive learning environment in which all are committed towards working in relationships to foster innovative and creative learning opportunities.


Graduate Profile

Graduates of PUHSD are:


  • Master academic content
  • Are knowledgeable about education procedures and requirements
  • Achieve college and career readiness

Persevering Goal-Setters

  • Set and prioritize goals
  • Identify personal growth areas and pursue excellence
  • Exhibit a growth mindset

Creative and Critical Thinkers

  • Are innovative and creative; generate original ideas
  • Engage in critical thinking; assess, evaluate, and apply information
  • Ask questions and develop an intellectual curiosity

Well-Rounded and Emotionally Intelligent

  •  Are caring and empathetic
  • Are confident and excited for the future
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of individual strengths and talents

Global Citizens

  • Create and communicate using digital media in an ethical manner
  • Are civic-minded; active servants and leaders who take action on local and global issues
  • Collaborate in person and online in their local and global community


District and High School Boundaries

Other Schools and Facilities

Charter School

Collaborative Districts