WorkAbility 1 Program Funding

Last Updated: 7/7/2021 6:09 PM


The following is to inform you as to what is available from our WorkAbility program. It is important to know that WorkAbility 1 is a grant program, which is funded to supplement already existing transition resources. While each student in special education is entitled to transition services, WorkAbility 1 is only one source for transition preparation.

Each school district receives a different amount of funding for their WorkAbility 1 program.  The goal of these subsidized positions is for students to gain some work experience while connecting the service provided activities in the classroom to worksite work experience. Employers do not guarantee a paid position following this term.  However, even if their employment ceases after the subsidized term, students will have received valuable experience to carry forth.

Aside from subsidized positions, the WorkAbility 1 program may be able to match students with current job opportunities, unpaid work experience, job skills training materials, and community volunteer opportunities. All of which will provide important lessons to help them transition from school to work.