Desired Outcomes

Last Updated: 6/22/2021 2:28 PM

"Ensure that every student and educator has at least one Internet access device and appropriate software and resources for research, communication, multimedia content creation, and collaboration for use in and out of school." ~National Ed Tech Plan Executive Summary

PUHSD Desired Outcomes    

  • Opportunity for 24/7 Learning
  • Provide all students and educators with 21st Century tools to do authentic work
  • Opportunity for Hybrid and Flipped learning
  • Collaborate and Communicate effectively with peers, experts and their teachers
  • Personalize learning
  • Access libraries of digital content that provide multiple pathways to learning
  • Pursue real-world issues and topics of deep interest
  • Attain digital citizenship
  • Provide equitable access to learning experiences for all students and especially students in underserved populations—low-income and minority students, students with disabilities, and English language learners.