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Welcome and Hello to Everyone!

     I want to share with you my passion for the sciences. Many of the life skills needed for success in high school and beyond are learned through observations and solving problems. I know the benefit of learning these skills applies to real world jobs where in my previous career, I hired and trained employees for a medical manufacturing where I was a quality control manager. As a lifelong learner I bring a blend of private and public experiences into my classroom. 

   My journey towards becoming a teacher began in Nebraska where I was born, raised, and went to college. In moving to Texas, I began my career in the private sector, married, and raised two children before coming to California where I am today. I have a daughter in Medical school, three rescue puppies, four adopted cats, and three feral kittens, or in other words a menagerie of excitement.

     I enjoy teaching science at California Military Institute (CMI) and have done so for 16 years of my 19 years career in education. One reason I enjoy teaching here is the JROTC military structure that gives students solid foundational skills like Honor, Courage and Commitment that students carry with them after leaving this school 

    For 2022_2023 school year, we will be utilizing an Online learning platform. I am using the Google Classroom for course instructions, assignment posting, and homework to be turned in. You are also expected to sign up for, so be able to send a text message to 81010 on your phone. This will provide automatic communication between students and the teacher

    Lastly, I am happy to begin each school year in August and prideful in June when our students graduate high school from California Military Institute.

   Go Rough Riders!

    M Osborn

 "If you think you CAN, you WILL.  and If you think you CAN'T you Won't. So keep it positive"

My Class Schedule this fall for 2022_2023 

                          Per 1                   JROTC       (9th grade Platoon)

                          Per 2.                  Science9    (Conceptual Physics)

                          Per 3 / 4 / 6        Science8    (Integrated Science for 8th grade)

                         Per 7                   Chemistry   (High School 10,11,12)