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My name is Richard Santana. I teach three different levels of Engineering at Heritage High School and am very active in regards to technical extracurricular activities at Heritage High School. For the last 7 years, I have participated as a technical advisor for the HHS Robotics Club where we manage and mentor seven robotics teams to make competition level robots and compete at a regional level. I have also co-advised the PUHSD Solar Cup team for three years where we build a boat from scratch, attach a solar panel on it, and race it with neighboring water districts. Lastly, as an extension of my introductory engineering course, I also volunteer to mentor a group of three students for the last three years to compete at the Chevron Design Challenge; a 3D Modeling competition where students are put under immense pressure to solve a problem with very strict timelines and in the end get judged by a panel of engineers.

Prior to becoming an engineering teacher, I worked in the field of business running a small business in educational robotics. I was employed as a mechanical engineer for a private company designing underwater drones. I have also interned in the Information Systems department with the City of Temecula where I had the opportunity to work with servers, switches, and routers. Like many of us, at one point I did work in the retail sales/customer service industry. I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart, always looking for opportunities to create a business or invest in new ventures. Lastly and most importantly, I am a maker at heart; always tinkering, designing and 3D printing, laser cutting, and programming side projects.

I have a wonderful wife that I have been in a relationship for over a decade now and have been married too since 2016. We love traveling and experiencing different cultures, eating all types of food (some very controversial), and camping/ hiking. We are both fortunate to have a large family on both my wife’s side and my side along with a wide group of friends and acquaintances that keep us busy all year.


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