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Ms. Laura Leon

Heritage High School 

951-940-5447 X 20259

Rm. L220

Hello students and families and welcome to the new school year! I am excited to be here on the Heritage campus and looking forward to a wonderful year with the best students and staff! 

This year I will be teaching Math 1A Essentials as well as Study Skills and collaborating with other teachers in a co-teaching environment! This year in Math 1A Essentials with will be diving into the fundamentals of Algebra and all of it's components. In Study Skills we will putting our focus onto the areas of student success, both academic as well as social/emotional. The main goal in my classroom is to create a comfortable, inclusive, inviting, and safe environment for all students to not only learn, but thrive! The primary learning platform that will be used is Canvas, although we will be using pencil and paper for many assignments as well! 


A little about your teacher: This is my 20th year working in education in some capacity and my 3rd year as a teacher! I am not only a teacher, but a student as well, and a lifelong learner! I have one child who keeps me busy with his extracurriculars! 

I am looking forward to a great school year. Please feel free to call, email, make an appointment with any questions or concerns.

Classroom Mantra: YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS! 


CLASS SCHEDULE: MONDAYS                                                            CLASS SCHEDULE TUES-FRI

PERIOD 1- 9:15AM-9:57AM ALGEBRA 1A ESSENTIALS                     PERIOD 1 8:30AM-9:19AM

PERIOD 2 10:03AM-10:50AM                                                                  PERIOD 2 9:25 AM-10:15AM

PERIOD 3 10:56AM-11:38AM ALGEBRA 1A ESSENTIALS                   PERIOD 3 10:21 AM-11:10AM

PERIOD 4 11:44AM-12:26 PM STUDY SKILLS                                      PERIOD 4 11:16AM-12:05 PM

LUNCH 12:26 PM-1:06PM                                                                        LUNCH 12:05 PM-12:45PM

PERIOD 5 1:12PM-1:54PM COLLABORATION                                       PERIOD 5 12:51 PM-1:40 PM

PERIOD 6 2:00PM-2:42 PM                                                                       PERIOD 6 1:46 PM- 2:35 PM

PERIOD 7 2:48PM-3:30PM                                                                        PERIOD 7 2:41 PM-3:30PM

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