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Parents and Guardians: Canvas is the primary home for all of our coursework. If you have not yet done so in previous years, please make sure to download the Canvas Observer app in order to view your student's assignments, grades, and resources to help them from home.

Mrs. Wakefield

  • B.A. in English from SDSU
  • Teaching Credential from SDSU
  • Master's in Teaching from SDSU

Teaching Background: I am thrilled to be joining the Rough Rider Family this school year! This will be my fifth year teaching 9th and 10th grade students, sixth year teaching English, and tenth year in education! I sincerely love what I do, especially the process of innovating new learning experiences in collaboration with students and their families. Finally, I am a proud former Aztec, and I am happy to discuss all things SDSU with you.

Family: I am a proud mom of two human daughters and two canine daughters, whom I share with my husband of 11 years. My kids are my first priority when I am off campus, so the best time to reach me is before school or during lunch.You may always email me for support. However, please note that if it's in the evening, I'm likely reading to my kids before bedtime, and I will be unable to respond until the morning.

Hobbies: I always enjoy myself when I am lucky enough to partake in any of the following:

  • Writing poetry, short stories, or analytical essays
  • Reading historical dramas or watching TV dramas
  •  Zip-lining and other high-altitude adventures,
  • Going to the park with my family
  • Completing puzzles or listening to podcasts

Gratitude: My father loved the phrase: "Be thankful for today, for we are not promised tomorrow." I am so grateful he reminded me of that so often, for I finally recognize its value. had a teacher in high school who wrote me a card after I experienced a tragic loss. I am forever grateful that he valued me as a human being. I am humbly grateful to have taught hundreds of students over the last five years, all of whom have uniquely challenged me to be a better teacher and educated me through countless trends and evolving word connotations. I am grateful to have the opportunity to have fun at work, and I am excited to see what our class will learn from one another!