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My name is Layne Heiny. I have been a public school teacher for 20 years; including biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering courses. A NASA program paid for my first teaching credential. I've been a department chair, instructional coach, academy coordinator, and wore many other hats in education but being in the classroom is my true passion. It is an honor to be your child's teacher.

Prior to teaching, I owned a computer company and had the pleasure to work with AMD, Intel, Micron, Corsair, and many other large corporations. It's true that I've repaired over 10,000 PCs and enjoyed Linux until it became vogue to love Linux.


University of LaVerne: Biology and Chemistry

Ohio State University: Masters in Biochemistry

Cal State LA: Teaching Credential

University of Phoenix: Doctorate in Educational Leadership


King, M. M., & Heiny, L. P. (1987). Chemical modification of the calmodulin-stimulated phosphatase, calcineurin, by phenylglyoxal. The Journal of biological chemistry262(22), 10658–10662.

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Fall 2021 Schedule

Period 1

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Period 2


Period 3

AP Physics 1 & C

Period 4

General Physics

Period 5

General Physics

Period 6

General Physics

Period 7

Honors Physics