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A Message From the Superintendent

Safety is essential to the learning environment.
The moment a child’s safety is jeopardized, learning stops.

PERRIS UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT’S FIRST PRIORITY DURING AN EMERGENCY is the safety of all our students and staff. The District has developed an Emergency Response Plan to deal with a wide range of emergency situations that may impact our school community. The Plan works in concert with other local emergency preparedness plans. The District-wide plan and those plans tailored specifically to each individual school are reviewed and revised annually and, if required, after an emergency.

Each school has an on-site emergency team composed of school staff. Schools regularly provide staff with emergency training and practice various emergency drills with students and staff. A District-based Emergency Response Team has also been established to assist schools in responding to emergencies.

While the Plan was built using protocols and procedures, the particular actions taken during any emergency greatly depend on the specifics of the incident. The main objective of the response is to always ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Perris Union High School District works in close collaboration with local emergency personnel to ensure plans are coordinated with appropriate agencies. The District's and schools’ plans do not replace the authority of law enforcement, fire or emergency medical personnel. First responders are specially trained to deal with emergencies, criminal activities and extenuating circumstances. School staff members work in full co-operation and consultation with these agencies.

As a security precaution, the specifics of our emergency response plans are confidential and are not released. However, this guide outlines the key elements of the Plan and answers the basic questions parents frequently ask regarding emergency preparedness. I hope you find this guide helpful.

Thank you for your support and assistance in our safety efforts.


Jonathan L. Greenberg, Ed. D., Superintendent

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Emergency Plan Summary for Parents/Guardians

Spanish Summary & Superintendent's Message