David Sanchez

Computer Applications - Syllabus

Brief Course Description

  • Students will learn computer basic skills in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations,and desktop publishing. An emphasis will be placed on functions commonly usedin education, business, and industry.
  • Students will learn basic computer concepts that cover hardware, software, Internet usage,careers, and computer ethics.
  • Students will learn to apply various skills learned in the MS Suite to school and entry-level job tasks used in business or industry.


Assignment 1
Write the questions down on a piece of paper and then answer the questions with the help of the video.
Windows 7 Videos - Windows 7 Questions  - There will be a quiz based on these questions.
Terms - Click Here
Examples of Terms Click Here
See how well you grasped the information in the videos by clicking here.
Practice how well you know the Windows 7 Shortcuts by clicking here.
Assignment 2
Vocabulary Click Here
Assignment 3
Students will use their Internet Searching skills to answer questions about a United States President.
Last Modified on January 29, 2014