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U.S. History Syllabus


Teacher:  Mr.Cooper

Classroom: 8202

School: Perris High School



Overview:  This class deals with the history of the United Statesfrom founding to the present day with a heavy emphasis on events from the endof the Reconstruction period (1876) to the present.  The first semester covers the United Statesfrom the early colonial period up through the Great Depression.  Second semester covers the United States fromWorld War II to the modern day.  This istaken with the idea of how the events from these eras shaped the United Stateswe live in today.  Due to the timeschedule we will be moving quickly through the events of this nation’shistory. 


Attendance:  Due to the amount of information being given in theshort amount of time allotted, students are encouraged to make sure they are inattendance as much as possible.  If astudent is absent, they need to come to me on there first day back from theabsence to get make-up work.  Studentsmay also go to my page on the school website and look at the calendar for theday they were absent to see what was covered on that day.  Essay topics, assigned reading from thetextbook, and topics for daily events are located in the calendar section.  Students are also encouraged to work with apartner who takes good notes to make sure they are able to get a copy of anymissing notes when they are not in class. Students are required to be in classwhen the final bell rings.  Students whoare not in the classroom when that bell rings must go to OCD (On CampusDetention) and get an admission slip to class. (This is a school policy and will be enforced.)   

Students receive only two restroompasses a semester.  If a student has amedical issue which requires them to use the restroom a doctors note must be onfile in the nurse’s office then disseminated to his/her teachers. 


Behavior Policy:  Students are to be in theirseats and ready to work when the bell rings. Students are to follow all school rules when in the classroom.  Students need to be respectful of the teacherwhen they are talking to the class as well as any fellow student who has beencalled upon to answer/ask a question or conduct a presentation.  Students need to also be respectful ofpersonal and school property.  Studentswho are found to not be following these guidelines will be dealt with in thefollowing manner.

1st and 2ndoffense= Warning

3rd offense=                   Call home to parent

4th offense=                    Call home to parent and meeting withcounselor

5th offense andon= Referral to the Office


Grading Policy:  Grading will be done on a points system witha standard percentage scale for the grades.

A =          90-100%

B =          80-89%

C =          70-79%

D =          60-69%

F =          59% and below



The assignments receive thefollowing point totals.  The calendar ofthe class agenda will be placed on the school website.  Students may look to this for any informationon what may be missed in class.  Due tounforeseen events at school it may become necessary for me to stray from thiscalendar from time to time, but I will try to make sure we stay within itsconfines as much as possible. 


Final                                      200Pts

A Final Exam is given at theend of each semester.  This is acumulative exam which covers all the material the students have covered sincethe start of the semester.  This exam isgiven during a two hour period at the end of the semester.  There are approximately 100 questions on thisexam.  Students will have at least onereview session before the test.  Studentswho miss this examination will receive an automatic zero on the test which willaverage into there grade.  They will haveto make arrangements with there counselor upon there return to make up thetest.

Tests                                      100Pts

Tests are given at the end ofeach section as we go through the year. These test range in length from twenty five to fifty questions.  Students have the period to complete thetest.  Students who miss the test will berequired to complete the test on the day they return to class.  There are four tests each semester.

Note Books                           50  Pts

Every six weeks student’snotebooks will be checked for three checks during the semester.  Students must have the following items in thefolder.

-         Graded Quizzes

-         Lecture Notes

-         Video Notes

-         Graded Essays

-         Graded Class Work

-         Classroom ReadingNotes

-         Any HandoutsGiven

Essays                                   40  Pts

Essays will be assigned periodicallyin class and are to be done in class unless otherwise stated.  Essays are generally to be the standard fiveparagraph set up.  Essays may be ontopics from in class readings, videos or lectured topics.  Essays need to be written legibly.  I do not grade on spelling or grammar, butall efforts should be made to make sure you are being reasonably accurate.  Your grade will be based on the rubric whichis given for each essay. 

Quizzes                 40  Pts

Quizzes are given on mostFridays and are given in the first five to ten minutes of the class period.  The quizzes will be covering the informationfrom the previous quiz to the day before. 

Class Work                          20  Pts

Class work is any assignmentbesides the above mentioned ones that is done in class.

Participation                       40  Pts

Students will receiveparticipation for activities in class that will be assigned.


Late Work:  Students have the number of days absent to turn inassignments that are late.  Students whoare not absent but fail to turn in the assignment may turn it in late but theywill be docked twenty percent for an assignment that is late for up to a weekand an additional twenty percent the second week.  After two weeks the student will receiveforty percent of the assignment and after three weeks it will be only twentypercent.  At four weeks it is a zero.


The school website is:

To get to the classinformation you just need to click on teachers and then click on my name.  You do not need a password to access my classinformation on this site.  From this siteyou may also get into infinite campusprogram where you can check on your students grade and attendance.  If you need help with getting a password forthat program, please contact your student’s counselor. 










Please return the following slipwith you parents signature verifying you and your parent/guardian have read andunderstand the information presented in this syllabus.








I have read the syllabus for U.S. History with Mr. Cooperand understand the expectations of a student in this course.





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