Teresa Grossi

THE APEURO EXAM IS MAY 15th at 12:00 P.M.
Greetings APEURO students!
I have created this link for you to access information specificaly to prepare for your APEURO exam.  Below you will find linnks to documents and web pages specifically focused on exam preparation.  USE IT!
The above links will give you FRQ questions from previos APEURO exams.  These are good to study and practice writing thesis statements for.
Check it out for help on writing the DBQ
Use the above document for a better understanding of Point of View for your DBQ
This document helps you to understand what essay prompts are asking you do to.  Review it!
This will help you write a good thesis!
Use these as the ulitimate study guides!
Use this to categorize, by theme, important chages in European history
Explanation of the multiple choice question
A PPT that explains what the AP Board is looking for generally with the essays
Review for greater understanding of what this is!
Use this link to practice APEURO test questions
Use this link to review past APEURO exams, FRQ's DBQ's, and multiple choice test questions.
Do not forget that your "web links" and "documents" section of the APEURO webpage has additional information for you.  Also, every Power Point I have ever used in class in posted under "assignments" and the calendar.  Get busy!
Last Modified on May 3, 2013